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Innovent Forum Highlights: ESDALAB/UoP’s Participation and METACITIES Promotion

ESDALAB/UoP participated as an exhibitor in the two-day Science and Technology event called “Innovent Forum,” held at JOIST Innovation Park in Larissa. At ESDALAB’s booth, METACITIES was promoted through its roll-up banner and flyers distributed to over 20 visitors. 

The exhibition had around 1000 attendees, including academics, researchers, university students, entrepreneurs, representatives of DIHs, and government delegates.


The Deputy Minister of Development of the Hellenic Parliament visited and conversed with the Head of ESDALAB, Prof. Nikos Voros. During a round table discussion on Digital Innovation, Prof. Voros introduced METACITIES Excellence Hub to approximately 30-40 attendees on-site and via live streaming. 

The Innovent Forum aims to showcase and advocate for innovative technological solutions that benefit humanity, fostering networking and collaboration. It provides a platform to introduce innovative technology products and services, facilitating dialogue on technology’s role in serving society.