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ISBUR Co-Organizes Innovation Competition to Advance Energy Efficiency in ICT Companies

In an effort to stimulate technological advancement and promote sustainability within the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector, ISBUR (Innovative Systems-Burgas) took part in an influential innovation competition. The event, held under the banner of “Climate Neutrality and Energy Efficiency of ICT Companies,” convened representatives from local businesses and academia on October 13, 2023.

A focal point of the competition was a panel discussion titled “Energy Efficiency of ICT Companies,” which provided a platform for experts to delve into strategies for optimizing energy usage within the sector. Mrs Daniela Aleksieva, representing ISBUR, contributed as a key presenter during this panel, offering insights into the application of digital twins developed under the Horizon Europe-funded Metacities project.

Digital twins, a cornerstone of the Metacities project, hold significant promise for enhancing energy efficiency in both public and private buildings.  Daniela Aleksieva’s presentation underscored the potential of digital twins as tools for implementing targeted energy efficiency measures. By providing a virtual replica of physical assets, digital twins facilitate precise monitoring, analysis, and optimization of energy consumption patterns.

The innovation competition served as a forum for fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among industry professionals and academic experts. Participants had the opportunity to engage with cutting-edge research and explore innovative approaches to address the pressing challenges of climate change and energy efficiency within the ICT sector.

ISBUR’s involvement as a co-organizer of the event reflects its commitment to driving technological innovation and promoting sustainability within the industry.