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METACITIES at 5G towards 6G for CitiVerse Conference in Torino


From June 18 to July 05, 2024, Torino, Italy, is hosting the “5G towards 6G for CitiVerse Conference & B2B Event,” a platform focused on showcasing and promoting debate among public authorities, research, and industry. The event explores how AI, IoT, Blockchain, and XR are driving urban innovation in future cities and communities. 

Tanya Politi from the University of Patras (UPAT) represented the METACITIES project in the first round table of Session 1, titled “From Digital Twin to CitiVerse Applications for Urban Planning and Smart Life.” This session brought together experts to discuss digital twin technologies and their role in smart city development. 


 Panel Speakers:
  • Piero Boccardo, Polytechnic of Turin: “Turin Digital Twin: Use Cases and Perspectives”
  • Tanya Politi, METACITIES: “Excellence Hub for Future Cities and Regions in Southeast Europe, Built upon Digital Twins and Metaverse Technologies”
  • Paolo Nesi, University of Florence: “Snap4City Platform for Global and Local Digital Twins”
  • Jonathan Napolitano, Real Again: “IoT & Blockchain Enabled Urban Plastic Bank”
  • Maurizio Dellosta, Planet Smart City
METACITIES: Vision and Impact

In her presentation, Tanya Politi highlighted METACITIES as an Excellence Hub dedicated to transforming cities and regions in Southeast Europe through digital twin and metaverse technologies. She discussed how digital twins can simulate and optimize urban environments, enhancing infrastructure and public services.