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METACITIES at TEDx Patras 2023

Immerse yourself in a day filled with fresh ideas, intriguing perspectives, and enriching discussions on technology, science, and innovation with a social impact! In the representation of METACITIES at TEDx Patras 2023, our partners from EsdaLab (University of Peloponnese) contributed to an unforgettable “bridging within” experience on December 9th.

The journey kicked off with a Fireside Chat on the Alternative Stage, featuring insightful discussions by professors Christos Antonopoulos, Nikos Petrellis, and Pantelis Barouchas on the digitization of agriculture and beyond. Simultaneously, they welcomed numerous visitors at the METACITIES booth, showcasing accomplishments within the realms of European and national projects – SMART4ALL, XANDAR, Metacities Excellence Hub, Plan-V, AUTOMAINT – along with the SMART4Women network and the Master programs offered by the ECE Department of the University of Peloponnese.