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METACITIES Presentation by the Project Coordinator Prof. Spyros Denazis


Interview with Prof. Vasos Vassiliou (CYENS)

METACITIES in brief by the Cypriot cluster technical leader CYENS

Radio Interview on SKAI

Vassiliki Danelli-Mylona, President of the Road Safety Institute and Prof. Spyros Denazis, MetaCities Excellence Hub Coordinator, University of Patras, gave an interview on 04/02/2024 on ΣΚΑΙ 100,3 radio station describing the MetaCities Project and explaining how digital twins can significantly enhance traffic management by creating virtual replicas of urban environments.  

Click on the picture to listen! (Language: Greek)

METACITIES partner CCA tests Paphos Smart Parking

Follow the Cyprus Consumers Association (CCA), a METACITIES partner, as they rigorously test the Paphos Smart Parking system. With the goal of enhancing existing solutions using cutting-edge digital twins and metaverse technologies, METACITIES’ Cypriot use case promises to improve urban planning and revolutionize how we navigate and utilize parking spaces in bustling cities.