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WIDERA’s WIDENING Dimension: A 3-Day Learning Marathon

Our journey through knowledge and collaboration took a compelling turn with a focused exploration of the WIDENING aspect of WIDERA. Over three intensive days, participants were treated to a rich program, a feast for the intellect, and the invaluable opportunity to delve into real-world project practices. 💡

Insights Shared:

  • ERA Chair Holder Cristophe Roche (University Savoie Mont Blanc, France & ERA Chair Professor, University of Crete, Greece) generously shared his experiences through the TALOS-Artificial Intelligence (TALOS-AI4SSH) project, offering firsthand insights into the efficacy of the ERA Chair instrument.

  • Our attention then shifted to another significant component of the WIDENING Funding Scheme—the Excellence Hubs. Didoe Prevedourou from Hellenic American College led a discussion on the practical experiences derived from the MetaCities Excellence Hub in South-Eastern Europe project, scheduled for completion on 15/12/2023.